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I welcome any assistance in finding anyone directly related to the Baguenault de Villebourgeon family.
I am very interested in tracking down any family pictures that may include Isaac Rene and Marie Elisabeth Francoise. She married my 3x great grandfather Isaac Rene Baligand de la Feuilliez(1765-1844). I do not have an exact date of marriage but it could have been 1790-1791.
Any pictures would be helpful in completing my paternal archives.

Paula Ryan

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I have been researching my step-daughter's de la Feuilliez line without much success. However, I did run across what is supposed to be a death record for Isaac Rene de la Feuilliez for 1884. I do not read French, unfortunately, so cannot make out much of what it says on the death certificate. My step-daughter is a direct line descendant of Adolphe Rene Baliguand de la Feuilliez - born 12 August 1888 in New York. Unfortunately, any pictures my step-daughter may have had access to were lost when her mother died and a cousin disposed of all of her possessions before she could get there. I would be very interested to know what location your de la Feuilliez family came from in France, if you have that information, as it would help me narrow down where to begin searching for Adolphe de la Feuilliez (I believe he married Maria Byron after arriving in the States). If you have any information that may help me, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.


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