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I hope to connect with anyone who has Pierce (or Peirce, etc) ancestors in Ireland, especially those who have:

- DNA with a similar Y haplogroup (see below) and/or
- reason to believe their Pierce ancestors had ties to or roots in The Netherlands.

My earliest known Pierce ancestor was born in Ireland c.1746. I have no information about where in Ireland he was born.

DNA analysis suggests link to Netherlands and, even longer ago, Denmark.

Thank you.
YDNA= I-A18477
Z140 \ I-Z141 \ I-Z2535 \ I-YSC0000261 AKA YSC261\ I-L338 \ I-S12289 \ I-BY461 \ I-BY463 \ I-PH4462 \ I-A18477 

MDNA= H7b6

Happy to connect with those having same or similar haplogroup

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