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Dear all,

I am desperately trying to find out what happened
to my ancestor Eugène Marie Vuillaume, born in Paris, France
on April 13th 1854.
I lost track of him around ~ 1890 et 1908.
At that time, he seems to be gone to America.
Why? How? Where exactly?
I hope you could help me in this quest...

Eugène Vuillaume married Catherine Barret at La Madeleine,
Paris, France, on March 25th 1882.
Catherine Barret was born in Commentry (Allier, France)
on November 26th 1864 and died on October 20th 1908,
in Paris.

On the death record of Catherine Barret, their son
Albert Vuillaume declares that his father Eugène Vuillaume
is gone to Santiago, America.

I contacted the Chilean administration, but they do not have any record
about a french emigrant named Eugène Vuillaume.

So is he really gone to Santiago de Chile, or maybe another
Santiago (Cuba, Jamaica,...)??

Do you have any clue about the Ports of Departure, Emigrant Ships
towards America?
What kind of afministrative papers were required?


Thanks in advance for even the slightest piece of information!

More details about this mysterious ancestor
are given on the following webpage:


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