Genealogy inherited

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My mother passed away recently and I found an old IBM PC DOS machine in her attic.  One floppy diskette was still in the reader, containing, according to a friend, more than 500 genealogic records over our family.  The name of the program used is F-EDGE.
As the PC doesn't work, it is completely fried, I have no idea where to start to recover the precious data.  The info on the diskette is coded, no one can providing a clue on how to read it by a modern computer. I have now the entire content on my portable.
In a Google search on F-EDGE, I found that the [late] author has sold the rights to a company now bankrupt in the early 1980's. Any suggestion? Thanks

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I have found the following:

When you have it installed try and find a way to export it to GEDCOM? If not your have to type it manually.


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