DNA testing in Belgium

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I am looking for DNA matches in Belgium and surrounding countries.

I would like to know which are the most popular DNA testing companies for these countries.

Have uploaded my data to a few sites but some don't accept uploads so could do another test if there is enough activity especially in Belgium.
Thank you

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Myself and some friend’s of mine used 23andme. You can have the kit sent to Belgium and then send it back for testing to an address in the Netherlands for legal reasons.

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Once you have the test, you can download the raw data and upload it to other sites. However, not all sites accept uploads from their competitors. From the main sites, I think FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and GEDmatch are the only ones that currently accept uploads for free. 23andMe and Ancestry don't. But rules change. Check here for more info on which sites accept transfer (older article).

I am Belgian of mixed European heritage. I tested with FamilyTreeDNA and transferred my data to MyHeritage. MH found more matches overall* but FTDNA found more closer matches.
• FamilyTreeDNA: 628 matches including 37 with over 50cM shared DNA
• MyHeritage: 2760* matches including 3 with over 50cM shared DNA

*Smallest shared DNA in FTDNA is around 20cM. In MH, it's 8cM. If I only count matches with over 20cM, the number of matches for MH drops to 450.

Due to the restrictions on transferring data, you're probably better off testing with 23andMe. But check first that the info is still accurate.


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