the surname: Turner

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Its possible that Turner is related to Taylor, but this is the first time I have heard of it. The 'trade' or occupation that is associated with Turner is 'a turner', i.e. a person who operates a lathe and possibly even a mill wheel. The owner may be Mr. Miller, but the guy making the grinding wheel go round is a turner. As for Turnour that is probably a French rendition of the same word or occupation. Also I found that in the parish records of the 1600s that sometimes Turner looks like Turnour because the e is written with a flourish that makes it look like an ou to us. I was surprised to find that my surname was not English but rather Scottish. I found 11 generations of my Turner ancestors. The first five of the generations were in Scotland. Four of them born there and the earliest of unknown birth but likely also born there. My line went from Scotland to New Brunswick, Canada, then south to Maine and Massachusetts and then Oregon. None of the documents look like Taylor. Since the name is an occupational one, the various Turners are not necessarily related.

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